10 Frequently Asked Questions:

Thistlecreek Health Care knows how important it is for you to make an informed decision regarding private in-home care.  We hope that the following will be helpful as a guideline for you.

  1. Is the agency available 24 hours a day?
    Yes. Monday to Friday 9-5 regular Office Hours. Evening, Nights, Weekends & Statutory Holidays – ON CALL
  2. Does the agency provide a full range of services and what are these exactly?
    Yes. From ONE hour to 24 hours. From driving and companion to a Palliative Nursing Care. We provide Live-Ins and Live-Outs. We personalize our services to each person’s requirements.
  3. What are the rates of each service?
    Each service either by the hour or by the day has a specific rate. The prices vary. For the more accurate answer, please contact us at thistlecreekhealthcare@gmail.com with a description of your current situation. We will be happy to reply with a more definite answer. Alternatively, give us a call @ 905-582-9519. We would be pleased to chat with you.
  4. What level of service do I require? Do I need a nurse, personal support worker or homemaker?
    Please refer to question #3. We need to know more about your current situation to set you up with the right service. Keep in mind that it is ultimately determent at the nursing assessment.
  5. Will the agency provide the same agent/caregiver on an ongoing basis?
    Yes. It is our priority to try to make sure that we match you with the appropriate caregiver. Professionally and personally. If you need care every day, we build a team of the same workers for you.
  6. What about emergency/replacement staff?
    Yes. We are on call 24/7. If some of our caregivers get sick, we will find an appropriate replacement for you.
  7. How does the agency ensure the quality of care?  You may want to inquire about hiring practices such as interviewing, screening and orientation of staff.
    Our interview processes are in 2 parts. In the first part consist of the initial interview and questionnaire. We check all our potential employees’ credentials; police check covering vulnerable sector; medical history; references and certifications. The second part is related to policies and procedures. Acknowledgments, contracts, and offers.
    Regarding the quality of care: all our cases are assessed and continually managed by a Registered Nurse at NO additional charge to the client.
  8. Are the staff fully bonded and insured?
    Yes. Our insurance is through Canada Brokerlink (Ontario) Inc.
  9. How flexible is the agency regarding scheduling?
    Very flexible. We can have a service at your door within four hours after your initial phone call. Hoping that Thistlecreek’s nurse is available to do the assessment in that time frame. Please note that NO service can start without a nursing assessment first!
  10. Are they able to easily meet your requirements as needs change?
    Yes. As mentioned above, our R.N. is managing and supervising all our services. The nurse can easily recognize the changes in clients’ welfare,  in addition to daily reports from our caregivers. The service will change as the customer’s requirements change.