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Eva Zatrak, Founder & CEO
Eva Zatrak, Founder & CEO

We provide all that you would require for safe, uncomplicated retirement at home. As well as compassionate and supportive nursing care in the presence of acute and terminal illness. The quality of care we deliver is a comfort to the individual we serve. And to family members and primary caregivers in need of respite. Neither you nor your loved ones need ever leave home despite the complications of aging!

Who are we?

Thistlecreek Health Care is an independent Canadian-based community home care. We are meeting the needs of our local senior community. Serving Oakville and Burlington. Helping seniors realize their dream of never leaving home. Despite the complications of aging. The founder,  Eva Zatrak, is highly qualified Executive Manager. She was a business co-founder of Thornbrook Home Care in 1995 and managed its administration until June 2016.

For those who are primarily interested in information and support, rather than services, Eva developed and she maintains a website www.boomertoboomeronline.ca. It is a site which expressly serves 'baby boomers' caring for their aging parents. The site provides the necessary and difficult to find articles and information.  It allows this generation to make informed caregiving decisions. And learn how to take care of themselves as caregivers. The site provides the essential tools for coping with the mental, physical and emotional demands of caregiving.

Who uses our services?

Those who are having to make the transition from independent to assisted living.

Caregivers needing time away for respite or other business use the services of Thistlecreek Health Care to cover for them. Knowing we will continue their work with all the care, compassion and attention they bring to this.

Those in need of compassionate Palliative Care. The client receives nursing and homemaking services delivered with the dignity and understanding.

Those hospitalized, even for short stays, can benefit from additional personal care services and bedside attention. Particularly at times when family members are unavailable.

Those living with Alzheimer's, and other forms of age-related dementia. They can utilize the services of Thistlecreek Health Care to fill in for family members when limited or full-time supervision is required.

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