How our programs work

cropped-on-the-job-absenteeism.jpgHow our programs work

We aim to make the process of receiving services from us as easy as possible.  To show you how simple it can be for us to help you out, we have created a simple step-by-step list that walks you through our process:

  • A preliminary phone review is conducted by the person answering the call.
  • A detailed assessment, by a Registered Nurse, is conducted at the location of your choice free of charge with no obligation to further service
  • Our services are characterized by flexibility and tailored to you as by providing the utmost in compatibility between caregiver and client.
  • The care plans are customized to fit each individual client and are responsive to change.
  • Cancellations require no more than 4 hours notice.

It really is that simple!
So call us at 905-582-9519.