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I am so grateful I found Thistlecreek. I live in the United States and my mom lives in Oakville, Ontario. I feel so far away from her. I was in Oakville in September 2012 and told my mom she needed a companion to come in so she could stay living in her condo. She did not agree with me, however I asked her to keep an open mind as I called Thistlecreek. Rose came from the agency. Rose is an upbeat, professional caring woman who put my mom at ease right away. She is so intuitive as she pointed out to my mother the strengths she had and that a little help would be good for her. My Mom agreed as she really liked Rose. The day the companion was coming my mom called to tell me that she did not want to do this, again I asked her to do this just for today. This incredible woman who came from a place of love and professionalism and made my mom feel at ease. She knew exactly what to say so my mom would feel that she was still making her own decisions. Now it has been almost a year and when I speak to my mom daily, she tells me that she is going on the treadmill because her companion pointed out all the wonderful benefits. A few months ago she was complaining about the treadmill and that she would never go again. However this incredible worker empowered my mom with not only facts about exercise but how my mom was doing so well and exercise would help her stay well. My mom tells me every day how much her companion not only does for her but how she makes her feel that she is doing well in her life. Amazing because this same woman told me she does not want a stranger in her house. Proof to me that Thistlecreek employees are more than just a service, they represent caring, loving, sensitive, professional care givers who are making a huge difference in the lives of the elderly. Empowerment, love, respect, patience and knowledge of this age group, everything I desired for my mom. Thistlecreek is always in communication with me. They let me know immediately if there are any concerns. If I have any concerns especially when I had to return to the United States, they patiently returned my overwhelming number of phone calls without a sigh. It was heartfelt reassurance that everything was fine. I am so blessed to have Thistlecreek in our lives. I would also like to point out that Thistlecreek goes above and beyond any of my expectations. The companion also noticed a few small repairs that needed to be done. She and my mom went to another community to find the correct material to fix a set of blinds and this same woman fixed the blind for my mom. She observed and took action to fix it. I had never mentioned the blind nor had my mom. She observed it and took the necessary action to fix it. I thank God everyday that I chose Thistlecreek to care for my precious mom. I know now that I made the best decision because Thistlecreek is like having an extended family looking after my mother. I sleep soundly each night knowing that they are a phone call away, even in the middle of the night if something happens and that they, like family, will be there. Thank You Eva, Christina, Rose and Pearl.

Mary-Lee Conte Client's daughter

Dear Thistlecreek, It has been a full year now that Eva V. has been supporting my parents in their day to day activities. Initially we started part time in the evenings to help support my mother who has Alzheimer’s Disease and was experiencing “sun downer’s syndrome”. This disease is extremely stressful on the primary care giver, my father. Watching his wife of 60 years change from a vibrant active women and amazing cook to a frightened shell of a person has be devastating and extremely stressful. This stress was making him very sick through sleepless nights and constant irritation at my mothers inability to be the home maker she has always been. Eva came to us initially for four hours at night Monday through Friday. This proved to be immensely helpful in relieving my fathers stress level and giving my mother much needed support. Eva has been extremely patient and respectful. At first my mother would not allow her to help with day to day hygiene. Was argumentative with Eva’s help in the kitchen and helping to clean up around the house. Eva continued to be kind, loving and patient, respecting my mothers boundaries but working daily at gaining her trust. Over the past six months or so Eva has been helping my parents from 9am to 1pm and then back at 5 pm to 9pm. Certainly a heavy work day of back and forth, but Eva has been completely accepting of OUR needs as a family living through this tragic disease. My mother now eagerly awaits Eva’s smiling face in the morning to get her up and ready for the day. As my mother loves to walk, Eva is happy to bundle them both up for several daily outings around the neighbourhood. Upon her return at 5 p.m. my Mom is now happy to follow an evening routine of preparing dinner and nightly baths. Truly a miracle compared to how things were and has only happened because of Eva’s extreme patience and understanding of my mother disease. Some of the other tasks Eva has taken on are; trips to the hair dressers, at one point Eva was actually colouring my Moms hair! She shops daily for healthy foods to prepare their breakfast, lunch and dinner, accepts my calls of concern, washes their laundry, cleans the house, takes my Dads blood pressure when he’s not feeling well, and most importantly has been much needed company for my mother who is so lonely and much needed support for my father. I really do not know how we could have coped. Certainly my father’s quality of life has improved tremendously. My mother has gained back all her weight, oh did I mention she wasn’t eating regularly and had lost far to much weight before Eva came. Eva now has them both on a diet!! Such great news to report. My mother is less agitated and while she can’t remember Eva’s name she knows her as a friend and someone I believe she trusts to keep her safe. That is such a gift. I really can’t say enough to express my appreciation to Eva and your company for finding the perfect fit for my parents. While we don’t know how much longer our mother will be able to stay at home, we do know that she is being well cared for. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Susan Client's daughter

We recently requirted some home care assistance for myself and a tired wife as I had just come out of hospital. We had the good luck to call Thistlecreek. The response was immediate and we had an adviser come to assess our problem within an hour or two. We were so blessed with Pat who took over all my problems and had me motivated in very short order. I am sure that without her medical knowledge and caring ways, I would have taken a lot longer to come around to where I am now. As we are both in our mid eighties, it was difficult to cope with my problems. Pat took a great load off my wife and saw that she was taken to appointments as well as looking after me. We cant speak highly enough of her compassion, thoughtfulness and understanding. If we again require assistance, Thistlecreek will be the first people we will contact. Thank You to you and Pat for all your assistance.

Gerald Mason Client

A note of recommendation

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to Eva and all her staff at Thistlecreek Health Care. Engaged initially to help after a fall, my brother’s needs changed during the course of time and this occasional help became around the clock care. This required flexibility and Thistlecreek was well able to respond to these changes quickly and efficiently.

The kindness, patience, and compassion shown by all the caregivers was truly remarkable, their efforts often going beyond expectation revealing true integrity. As was the level of communication and organization of the administrative staff. It truly felt as though we had a team of people who were poised to assist in any way they could to help our family through a very difficult time.
We are grateful for all the care given and feel very fortunate to have found this wonderful organization of exceptional people. I highly recommend this trustworthy company.


Susan Meldrum


Susan Meldrum

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