24-hour Live-in Care

24-hour Live-in Care

It is the ultimate solution for seniors. In many situations. The Live-In is to provide one-on-one care. At no greater expense than a retirement home. Or a long-term care facility.
The service can be set up for short-term. Temporary relief. And a long-term care. It is suitable for clients requiring 24-hour service.  Those in need of a companionship and supervision. And help with activities of daily living.

For your convenience:

  • Service can begin with as little as 4 hours notice.
  • Cancellations require no more than 4 hours notice.
  • A ‘live’ voice will always greet you when you call.
  • A staff member is always ‘on call’ outside of office hours.3


Compassionate Care & Individually Tailored Care Plan.
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