Nursing Visits

Nursing Visits

For many clients, regular nursing visits, which are an hour in length, mean fewer trips to the doctor’s office over the course of a year. A nurse home visit means changes in a client’s health are dealt with as they occur rather than at a later, more advanced stage.
Nursing visits allow us to monitor change in a client’s overall health, or around a specific condition. A visiting nurse will ensure medications are taken properly and see that these are renewed as needed. Our reports from these visits keep a client’s physicians and family fully informed.
Additionally, some clients feel unburdened by having our nurses take on the task of keeping medications renewed as well as becoming the primary liaison with family physicians.
Other reasons for considering a series of scheduled home nursing visits can include new medications being prescribed. Our nurses will report any undue side-effects to the doctor as well as track the client’s progress as it relates to the medication change.
The monitoring of blood pressure is yet another reason for regular home nursing visits. Changes in blood pressure are often telling of other developments. Many clients prefer the convenience of having their blood pressure monitored through home nursing visits even if they are not receiving home care.
These are only a few examples of how home nursing visits can work to optimize a client’s health and maintain their quality of life at home.

For your convenience:

  • Service can begin with as little as 4 hours notice.
  • Cancellations require no more than 4 hours notice.
  • A ‘live’ voice will always greet you when you call.
  • A staff member is always ‘on call’ outside of office hours.


Our Nurses will be at your door the next day for the initial assessment
& they will Manage and Supervise all your care.
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