8 simple steps to help seniors, caregivers better manage medications

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(BPT) – Modern medicine can work wonders. The average American senior takes five or more prescription medications daily. Many of them cannot read the prescription label or understand the prescribing instructions, according to the National Council on Patient Information and Education. “Unless they reside in a senior living community or have another form of assistance, […]

5 Things A Caregiver Must Do To Avoid Burnout

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  Caregiving is a complicated job, especially when one is the primary caregiver and has never had to care for an aging parent or spouse before. The complication comes in learning how to go easy on yourself and not allowing your new responsibilities to consume you to the point of physical and emotional burnout. Here are […]

Crafty Seniors

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There are some who might think that forcing Seniors in Old Age Homes to participate in mindless crafts a little demeaning and humiliating, after all, they are not in kindergarten so why treat them like they are? Are these crafts actually helpful? Yes, crafts are important to Seniors, and if handled in the right way […]