Fall into healthier habits this season

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(NC) Autumn is the season of change. Colourful leaves, back-to-school activities and cozying up your home for the winter to come.  Did you know it’s also a great time to get on board with a healthier lifestyle? Healthier lifestyle this fall You don’t have to go back to the books. The return-to-the-grind mentality is infectious. And […]

Which vaccines do you need as an adult?

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(NC) Did you know that some of the vaccines you received when you were young won’t protect you forever? While you may know of a handful of vaccinations that you need in adulthood, there are some that you probably didn’t know are requiring additional doses. Protect yourself “When you get vaccinated against a disease, you […]

Writing your will keeps you in control

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(NC) No matter what the size of your estate, every adult should have a will, say specialists in this field. Without one, you risk leaving the distribution decisions to an impersonal formula, with the government writing the terms. A valid will ensures that your property will be dealt with according to your wishes and with […]

3 meal planning tips for special diets

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(NC) Meal planning can be a daunting task. Preparing ahead is important. For individuals living with special diets. Or health conditions like diabetes. Here are three tips to help on your journey towards eating well and healthy living. 1. Food options: It is important to eat three meals per day. To keep your diet and blood […]